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Daniel Boone History

Historic Architecture

African-American History

Roots & Resting Places

War History & Monuments




History, Mystery & Mystique!

Bluegrass history is more exciting than fiction!

History remains alive in our restored and rebuilt forts, re-enacted battles, preserved churches and historic homes. These monuments to heroes and explorers all tell a story replete with adventure, danger, sacrifice and victory... not to mention the occasional ghost, fiery abolitionist, and colorful Confederate general.

• Gun smoke, cannon fire and marching troops
Visit forts and battle sites from pioneer days, the Revolution and the Civil War. Relive major military engagements, heroic deeds, and even a Civil War-era military ball.

• Hallways and hymns
In our historic homes, churches, taverns, and inns, you can walk in the footsteps of statesmen, pioneers, and patriots; add your voice to the joyful noise of a congregation established 200 years ago; visit the house where the Todd family entertained daughter Mary’s husband, Abraham Lincoln!

• Rub a stone, find an ancestor
Scattered across the region are cemeteries and family burial grounds dating from the days of Kentucky’s first settlers through the Civil War, making the Bluegrass a popular destination for genealogy buffs.



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BereaCarlisle/Nicholas CountyCynthianaDanvilleFrankfortGeorgetownHarrodsburg LawrenceburgLexingtonNicholasville/WilmoreParisRichmond Stanford/Lincoln County V.Versailles/MidwayWinchester

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