Stanford - Lincoln County, Kentucky


Step back in time to the days of Bluegrass past. Brimming with southern charm, locally-owned shops and walkable blocks—not to mention the oldest Main Street in the state—Stanford and Lincoln County are a snapshot of the things we love most about Central Kentucky, sure to delight visitors with its colorful local favorites and hidden gems.

Downtown you’ll find curated selections of hand-made items, home decor, antiques, and farm-to-table dining, while Cedar Creek Lake is ranked 30th in the nation for bass fishing by Field and Stream magazine. Dreaming of outdoor adventure? Our waters, including the Dix River, are ideal spots to take out the kayak and canoe. More of a history geek? Lincoln County traces its roots to some of Kentucky’s earliest settlers. In fact, our county archives are the oldest in the state, dating to 1779, and contain property records for land owned by Daniel Boone himself.

Whether you’re eager for classic Bluegrass fun with friends and family, a deep-dive into Kentucky history or a relaxing getaway, you’re certain to find it right here in Stanford and Lincoln County.

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Warm southern hospitality, locally-owned shops, outdoor adventure, and hidden gems. Experience the timeless charm of the Bluegrass.

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